Freshman student council announced during school meeting


Zachary Hoffman

Jack Jia makes his speech for the position of Vice President during freshman student council elections. The results of the elections were announced today.

by Ashley Jiang and Maya Valluru

The new members of the student council for the Class of 2020 were announced at the school meeting today in the gym after fifth period.

Bryan Wang was elected as president, Jack Jia as vice president, Avi Gulati as treasurer, Rachel Broweleit as secretary and Adhya (Addie) Hoskote as spirit coordinator.

After hearing speeches from all the candidates last Monday, freshmen voted for candidates of their choice the following Thursday in the journalism room.

“I wanted to support the people that will make good choices for our grade,” voter Jack Hansen (9) said. “They’re not scared of doing things that are necessary; they’ll take the opportunities when they come and also they’re organized.”

Members of the current student council and ASB are working to help the freshman council grow adjusted to being part of the upper school student council.

“Working with people is super easy on the council and the ASB is really good at giving directions, [so] we’ll help them understand things about the campus,” Srivatsav Pyda (12), vice president for the Class of 2017, said. “From the first time we met them, which was yesterday, I think they’re an energetic group that’s going to be excited to do things for their class.”

Treasurer Avi expresses his hopes for this school year and plans to work with the other student council members to achieve those goals.

“The student council officers in ninth grade, we all collectively are striving to initiate more spirit in our class because we’re spirited individually, but when we’re with other classes, we’re not very spirited,” Avi said. “Spirit is our number one priority but also by working together, we can definitely improve the freshmen class and make it a lot more fun and enthusiastic.”

Jack Jia describes his goals for building stronger connections among members of the freshman class.

“In order to make everyone supportive and be friendly to each other, you don’t really have a kind of method, you just talk to them,” he said. “Everybody [is] spreading this kind of mood everyday, and for those activities that we need to plan out, we’ll make a plan about what we’re going to do everyday.”

Kelly Horan, freshman class dean, discusses her vision and initial thoughts on the freshman student council’s leadership.

“Being a leader isn’t someone who’s just up at the front telling people what to do. Being a leader [are] really people who are trying to make the class and the school a better place,” Horan said. “It’s a different kind of mindset than we see a lot in the public eye. They have a lot of energy so every time we have class meeting, they’ve got a lot of energy and they seem to be making their way well into the school and the community.”

The freshman student council will lead their first class meeting tomorrow at the beginning of lunch.