Warriors win the Kevin Durant lottery


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by Alex Wang, Sports Editor

Former Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant announced his decision to become independent of the Thunder organization and sign a two-year $54.3 million contract with the Golden State Warriors on July 4.

Durant’s decision elicited a multitude of reactions, with some applauding Durant for his signing and others criticizing his move, seeing his decision as taking the easy way out and joining the team that beat him in the Western Conference Finals.

Still others consider Durant’s projected effect on the Warriors next season and on the league in general, believing that Durant will only complement the Warriors’ lofty status at the top of the NBA.

Amidst the hype surrounding Durant and the Warriors’ new “super team,” some people see the addition of Durant as somewhat detrimental to the team.

“Most people will say that the Warriors are going to become a super team, but in order to get enough cap space [to pay] for Durant, they had to release [Harrison] Barnes, [Andrew] Bogut, [Festus] Ezeli and some other role players, so I would say the Warriors haven’t actually become better, despite the hype,” Kevin Xu (11) said.

To open up the portion of their spending needed to sign Durant, the Warriors needed to trade or elect to not resign many of the members of their record-breaking team from the previous season. The loss of these players to fill specific roles could create some difficult situations for the Warriors.

Other people see the addition of Durant as a boost in the entertainment value of Warriors games.

“I think the Warriors will be even better now, and it’ll be fun to watch them destroy some other teams,” Arnav Tandon (12) said.

Prameela Kottapalli (10) expects an opposite outcome from this dominant Warriors lineup.

“I feel that the NBA won’t be as fun anymore because the Warriors are just going to dominate the league,” she said.

Viewers have already received a taste of the Warriors’ level of play next season through the Olympic team, where they could see Durant playing with his future teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on August 26, 2016.