Students attend annual Club Fair


Aliesa Bahri (11) and Millie Lin (11) take a picture of Anusha Kuppahally (10) for FEM Club. The annual Club Fair took place on September 6.

by Katherine Zhang, Asst. STEM Editor

A four-wheeled robot rolling through the hot, muggy crowd scene was one of the highlights of this year’s Club Fair, held yesterday during long lunch in the Nichols Atrium. Due to the ongoing construction, clubs set up their booths in Nichols Hall instead of the gym.

In order to accommodate all of the clubs that presented at the Club Fair, clubs were allotted space to set up their booths both inside and outside Nichols Hall. 

The new arrangement in the Atrium made it more difficult to navigate the club booths.

“It was a lot more hectic than before because of the limited openings,” Dance Club member Christie Chen (10) said. “I feel like it was easier in the gym because everything was in one big circle there, and you could just walk around.”

Others thought that the tighter space helped people explore more clubs.

“I think because of the location change, all the clubs were a lot more packed, which helped to expose all of us to different organizations that we might not have come across otherwise,” Math Club Vice President Jimmy Lin (11) said.

Club Fair, which has been an upper school tradition for seventeen years, showcases the diverse array of clubs and allows clubs to recruit new members. Fifty-seven clubs, including Medical Club, Anime Club, Linguistics Club and Diversity Club set up booths at this year’s club fair.

“Our upper school clubs are meant to be student-driven, so [the Club Fair] is a great opportunity for everyone to walk around and to see what’s being offered, so they can attach themselves to organizations that they feel most passionately about,” said Director of Upper School Clubs Eric Kallbrier.

Club officers and members advocated their clubs by displaying posters and flags, distributing free food and hosting competitions for prospective members. Some clubs also gave performances and demonstrations.

Guys’ Gig performed a song, while Robotics Club drove a robot around the atrium.

“I love all the enthusiasm in Club Fair that I see every year, and it’s so cool to see people doing creative and slightly crazy things,” Upper School campus librarian and Book Blog adviser Lauri Vaughan said.

Clubs used these displays to attract new members, especially freshmen.

“It was noisy, but it was a fun kind of noisy, almost like a concert,” Katelyn Vo (9) said. “I think everyone was really friendly about joining clubs and asking people to join, so that was cool.”


Over the next week, club officers will begin notifying club members about club meetings and activities. Students who still want to sign up for clubs can contact club officers and advisers and ask to be placed on the club’s mailing list.