Varsity boys’ water polo loses to Lynbrook High School


Vijay Bharadwaj

Arnav Tandon (12) throws the water polo ball. The boys lost 11-12 against Lynbrook today.

by Vijay Bharadwaj, Opinion Editor

Varsity boys’ water polo lost to Lynbrook High School 11-12 today in their regular season opener.

“For the first game of the season, I think we came out with good intensity,” varsity co-captain Arnav Tandon (12) said. “Lynbrook is a really fast team and we were right there with them, which means we were in a pretty solid shape, but there [are] always places to improve on. It’s a good start for us, but we can always do better.”

The upper school led Lynbrook at the end of the first quarter with a score of 2-1, of which Matthew Hajjar (10) scored both goals. During the second quarter, Alex Wang (11) scored a goal, along with Arnav Tandon, but the team trailed behind their opponent with a score of 4-5.

After half-time, Arben Gutierrez-Bujari (12) scored one goal during the third quarter, bringing the score to 5-6. The team powered through the fourth quarter as Arben and Matthew each scored a goal, and Aadith Srinivasan (11) scored twice, bringing the score to a tie of 10-10.

“We scored twice bringing it to 10-8,” Misha Tseitlin (12) said. “Then we went into victory formation and made mistakes and let them score one, then two and then it went into overtime. It wasn’t overconfidence; we made mistakes, they made mistakes, but we made more, and they capitalized on them.”

The game entered a close round of overtime, when Arben scored another goal for the team. The Lynbrook team scored two goals, including a buzzer-beater, resulting in the final score 11-12.

“When we have a game that close, there is no one thing that goes wrong,” varsity water polo coach Victor Adler said. “It’s a whole bunch of things that accumulate. When we executed our offense, that went well. Our passing was pretty decent and there are definitely positives to take away too.”

Varsity boys’ water polo will play against Fremont High School at Fremont on Sept. 8.