Students qualify for California State Science Fair and Intel ISEF


Vijay Bharadwaj

Amy Dunphy (10), one of the Synopsys grand prize winners, speaks with a booth presenter at Symposium.

by Brian Park, Reporter

The results of the Synopsys Science and Technology Championship were announced on March. 26, with 34 Harker students receiving prizes at the awards ceremony on April. 3. 16 out of the 34 have qualified to enter the 2016 California State Science Fair.

Cameron Jones (9), who won the first place award in the Physical Science and Engineering category is one of the qualified 16 students.

“I didn’t expect the awards I got,” Cameron said. “This was the first time I competed at Synopsys. I’ve done other science fairs many other times, but this was the first time I’ve done Synopsys because of a different school district. So I didn’t really know what to expect, because it’s a new fair for me, and I didn’t know how competitive it was going to be.”

Cameron plans to participate in the State Science fair with his research project from Synopsys, “Laser Etching of Graphene Oxide to Create High Energy Density Micro-Supercapacitors.”

Those among the qualified students who received Grand Prizes in the Synopsys Championship also awarded the opportunity to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Grand prize winners include Amy Dunphy (10), Manan Shah (11) and Rishab Gargeya (11), who all received Grand Prizes in physical sciences, and Sadhika Malladi (12) and Jonathan Ma (12), who both received a Grand Prize in the biological sciences.

Amy received a Grand Prize for the first time for her project from Synopsys, “Preventing Urushiol (Poison Oak)-Induced Dermatitis by Deactivating the Allergen.”

“I wasn’t expecting to receive the Grand Prize, so I was really surprised, but also really excited at the same time. I’m really grateful for this opportunity, and I’m planning on continuing to use my project at Intel,” Amy said.

The California State Science Fair will be held in the California Science Center on May. 23 to 24, and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on May. 8 to 13.

This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on May 4, 2016.