Varsity Baseball loses to San Mateo


Matt Kennedy (10) completes his swing. The boys lost 1-9 against San Mateo High School.

by Justin Su, Asst. Sports Editor

The varsity baseball team lost 1-9 today afternoon against San Mateo High School at the Blackford baseball diamond.

The boys played San Mateo Tuesday earlier this week, losing 2-10.

“We’ve played them three times this year, they’re a good team they hit the ball really well and their team is full of seniors and I thought we battled really well; We’re very young and we’re learning as we go and every game we get more experience and for the guys we have they never stop fighting,” head coach Mike Delfino said. “To us, defense is the most important thing, you’re gonna have to be able to catch the ball and throw the ball with accuracy and so when we get to that point that’s when you start winning some ballgames, but we’re always defense first.”

The Eagles were able to hold San Mateo to a 1-0 lead during the first four quarters, each inning happening very quickly. However starting from the fifth inning San Mateo began to build their lead more and more. Eric Andrus (10) scored the only run this game for Harker and senior Trenton Thomas hit a triple.

“It’s kind of a scary feeling, you hit it and all the muscles in your body tense up and scream a bit inside, but gotta start running,” Trenton said about hitting the triple. “We did good out there. There were a couple innings where things got bad and we put our tails between our legs. but our pitchers did pretty well.”

First baseman Bobby Shick (10) shared his thoughts about the team’s performance.

“We didn’t win, but I think we played really well,”  Bobby said. “This was a really good team and we lost to them in other games, but I think we played a lot better this game; we made a lot of defensive plays and we didn’t make many errors, but it was just a tough game.”

The team now prepares to play against Jefferson High School in a home game on April 19.