Varsity boys basketball loses to Menlo


Alex Wang

Junior Jordan Goheen moves around with the ball during offense in a game against Menlo. They lost the game 49 to 66.

by Alex Wang, Reporter

Varsity boys basketball lost to Menlo 49-66 at Menlo School at 8:00 pm yesterday in the team’s seventh league game this season.

The two teams began the game evenly in score, with the lead periodically shifting between the two teams. The Knights began to pull ahead in the second quarter, establishing a small lead. At halftime, coach Joe Roan commented about the state of the game.

“The game is going in their favor right now. They have the momentum,” Roan said. “They have the better tempo right now; they’re pushing the ball up a little bit better than we are and our transition defense is not as good.”

The Knights built upon their lead in the subsequent quarters. While the Eagles were able to decrease the gap, they were not able to take the lead, coming up short at the end of the game.

Senior Elijah Edgehill shoots a free-throw during the team's game against Menlo yesterday. They lost the game 49 to 66.
Alex Wang
Senior Elijah Edgehill shoots a free-throw during the team’s game against Menlo yesterday. They lost the game 49 to 66.

Head coach Butch Keller thought the players adapted to the game and improved throughout the game.

“I thought we improved defensively in the second half, which is what killed us in the first half,” Keller said. “We’re going to play them again on senior night and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Senior captain Rohan Desikan, who plays a guard position, echoed Keller’s sentiment.

“We’ll be ready for them when they come back when we play them at home on senior night. Over the last six years, I’ve loved to get revenge on this team, against Menlo specifically, so we’ll be waiting for them when they come,” he said. “As a team, there are a lot of things we need to work on, especially helping when the guys drives through the middle.”

The team’s record is currently 10-7 overall, 2-5 in league. Their next game is a league game against King’s Academy on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Blackford Campus.