Class of 2020 to join Upper School in upcoming school year


Kshithija Mulam

Upper School Head Butch Keller delivers a speech to the students assembled in the Quad for Matriculation, a ceremony which welcomed freshmen and introduced them to the Upper School. The class of 2020 will submit its high school applications this week to join the upper school this fall.

by Vijay Bharadwaj, Wingspan Copy Editor

The class of 2020 will submit its high school applications this week to join the upper school this fall.

Many applicants plan to apply to Harker’s upper school from other middle schools. Approximately 25 to 40 seats are available for outside applicants. The deadline for these applicants is Thursday, and as of now there are approximately 290 applicants.

In the application process, students fill out forms on the Harker website, write one essay and attend an interview with executive director of admissions Jennifer Hargreaves.

“I’ve seen some really talented students among the applicants for 2020,” Hargreaves said. “There is a wide range of students applying with interesting personalities and achievements.”

There are around 170 students currently in the class of 2020. Middle school division head Cindy Ellis commented her thoughts on the class of 2020.

“The leadership in this class is very extraordinary,” she said. “The comradery between the students is positive and accepting. They are all successful in their respective fields, such as athletics or debate. I’ve found them to be very proactive with school policies.”

Students still have the opportunity to shadow Harker students, in which they can accompany upper school students to their classes for one day.

“I definitely recommend that people shadow at the high school,” Ellis said. “It is necessary that they know their environment, and people can familiarize themselves with both the campus and community here at Harker.”

Brendan Wong (8) shared his thoughts on the transition to high school life.

“From seeing my brother go through high school, I feel like I am not ready for high school,” Brendan said. “Having a lot more homework and putting a lot more effort into school work is really going to be a turn around. At the same time you are more than halfway done with school and on to your adult life.”

Applicants for the Upper School will be notified of the acceptance or rejection around April.