Varsity girls basketball wins second league match against Crystal Springs


Maya Valluru

Jordan Thompson (11) guards the basket during the varsity basketball team’s match against Crystal Springs.

by Maya Valluru, Aquila Copy Editor

The girls varsity basketball team beat Crystal Springs Uplands 57-9 today at 5:00 p.m. in the Blackford Gym.

This is the girls’ second league victory of the season, resulting in a total record of 11-3.

Although this was not the team’s best match, they secured their victory with effective defense and a number of steals.

Kailee Gifford (11), a new member of the team, spoke about the team’s performance tonight.

“It wasn’t our best game, but we weren’t playing our strongest opponent, so we were able to move past that and still pull out a win,” she said. “The team has come really far. We were a lot shakier in the beginning of preseason. We lost to a couple of teams that I think now we could probably beat.”

Regardless of their low field goal percentage during the game, the girls maintained a positive attitude. Coach Tomas Thompson, the new head coach of the team, shared his thoughts regarding the Eagles’ performance tonight.

“I think they played really well in the first half,” he said. “We tried to run our offense through and get ready for some other games. It’s always a tough game to play that early on, but we just wanted to give everybody a chance to play and get ready for the league season.”

In addition, he mentioned how the team’s chemistry as well as their dedication during training shined through and allowed them to win despite the challenges they faced.

“They really like each other and get along; they gel really well,” he said. “I think that’s an important part about the chemistry on the court as well as off the court. The hard work from all of the practices are really showing in the games. During the situations where it’s a close game, they respond well to [the pressure]. I think it’s all part of connecting on and off the court, given the success that we have.”

The girls now prepare to play Pacific Collegiate School on Monday at home.

Kailee Gifford (11) steals the ball during varsity basketball team’s match against Crystal Springs.
Maya Valluru
Kailee Gifford (11) steals the ball during the varsity basketball team’s match against Crystal Springs.