Wrestling loses first meet of the season to Los Altos High


Justin Su

Freshman Kobe Howard participates in his first wrestling match of high school against a Los Altos High wrestler.

by Justin Su, Asst. Sports Editor

The wrestling team lost to Los Altos High School yesterday afternoon at the Blackford gym 2-5 in their first meet of their season.

Coach Karriem Stinson also his thoughts on the first meet of the season.

“What we’ve been working on is just being strong, so I think that’s coming along, once we get our stance and everything is solid I’ll be happy, so I have to say regressively we were good,” Stinson said. “We were strong tonight, we didn’t win every match, but we looked like wrestlers.”

This meet was the first match for many new wrestlers on the team, including Shikhar Solanki (10), Anthony Crook (11), and Dolan Dworak (10), and Kobe Howard (9).

“It was a lot scarier than I thought it would be, but I thought I did well, I was strong on the bottom,” Shikhar, who wrestled in the 137 lb weight class said. “I was tired but I pushed through it; Next time I know I’m going to win.”

Despite the results ending up with only two Harker wins,  team captain Danny Reidenbach (11) thought that the team performed well with all the novice wrestlers on the team. The first matches are often the hardest, as they do not know what to expect.

“I think the team did pretty well; We had a lot of first year wrestlers and considering they didn’t know what they were doing, they did a pretty good job,” Danny said. “This is the first time we ever really had competition on the mat so we can definitely be sure to work on the things we messed up on and get better by the next match.”

Davis Howard (11), who wrestled in the heavyweight class, threw his opponent multiple times onto the mat and secured a win through a pin. In this division, throws are difficult to execute because the wrestlers are so heavy, so Davis’s throws evoked a large reaction from the crowd.

“I felt that he was light when I first tied up with him, so I knew I could threw him,” Davis said. “I ended up feeling it, so I did it.”

Anthony Contreras (10), who wrestled at the 152 lb weight class, was the other wrestler able to secure a win. He describes his strategy to victory.

“My first moves consist of analyzing my opponent, which usually mean me stalling until I find his weak point, and after I find it, I exploit it and attack and that’s how I won today,” Anthony said. “I just waited until he made an error and I capitalized on him. He fell back and I used that against him and I pinned him.”

The team now prepares to wrestle at a tournament tomorrow in Cupertino.