School meeting recap–12/7


Vijay Bharadwaj

Students assemble in the gym for School Meeting. This is the last school meeting or the year.

by Vijay Bharadwaj, Wingspan Copy Editor

Future Problem Solvers (FPS) is fundraising money in partnership with Asha India to provide relief for the victims of the flood in Chennai. They will be selling chai tea and bundt cakes from Monday to Wednesday during extra help.

A chalkboard is placed outside of Shah for students to express their thoughts that the Harker community. The prompt will change every few weeks, and the current prompt is “Before 2016…”

In lieu of the climate change conference in Paris, which will take place on Dec. 11, Environmental Science teacher Dr. Kate Schafer will hold a skype session with Dr. Max Holmes about climate change. The conference will be held from noon to 12:45 p.m. to offer insight on the conference and answer any questions.

An information session for the National Shakespeare Competition will be held in Main room 9 on Dec. 9 at 11:15 a.m. The competition will take place on Feb. 3.

Jazz band will play Christmas music during the first half of long lunch in the Bistro and outside Nichols Hall.

Students can sign up for Spring Musical auditions during extra help on Tuesday and Wednesday by writing their names on a list in front of Director of Performing Arts Laura Lang-Ree’s door.

Harker Spirit will hold a gingerbread house competition in Manzanita throughout this week. Harker Spirit is also offering apple cider to those who wear Santa hats this Friday.

Student Council has opened an anonymous online suggestion box on the bell schedule website.

Varsity boys basketball won against Silver Creek High School on Dec. 4, bringing their record to 3-0. JV boys basketball won against Gunderson High School as well for their first game of the season.

Varsity girls basketball won against Alma Heights Christian High School on Dec. 4, making their record 2-0.

Tennis players Elizabeth Schick (10) and Pamela Duke (9) lost at the CCS finals.

Thursday is an alternate schedule for long advisory. Friday is an alternate schedule for Big Assembly Day. There will be no school meeting next Monday, and all students are required to attend school on that day.