School meeting recap–11/2


Vijay Bharadwaj

Sahana Narayanan (12), Gurutam Thockchom (12), Ashwin Rao (11) and Krishna Bheda (10) speak about their experiences in Nashville, Tennessee. The students sang in the national honor choir and met with various other schools.

by Vijay Bharadwaj, Wingspan Copy Editor

Harker alumni Emma Hawley (‘04) is holding an information session about a wellness group this Wednesday from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. The meeting is aimed to help students relax, meditate and tune in. These sessions will be held regularly on Wednesdays in Math teacher Jane Keller’s classroom in Dobbins room 205.

Biology teacher Kate Schafer discussed the student field trip to the Arctic and subarctic. Students will travel above 80 degrees north latitude and observe various species of animals such as polar bears, seals and whales. They will travel to Iceland to watch the impacts of climate change. An optional course held two weeks prior to the trip will explore the climate system and how it is being affected by humans. Students should contact biology department head Anita Chetty in Nichols room 334 for more details.

The green tip of the week from the green team this week regards food. The green team advises that students ask the foo staff only for the food they want, so that uneaten food will not remain in landfills. Extra food will be donated to a homeless shelter. Any other ideas can be emailed at [email protected], and the bulletin board near green team advisor Diana Moss’s room will have green tips of the week.

DECA is having a group show at the newest “Hunger Games” movie. Details will be sent out through email regarding how to sign up.

Last week, Sahana Narayanan (12), Gurutam Thockchom (12), Ashwin Rao (11) and Krishna Bheda (10) went to Nashville, Tennessee to sing in the National Honor Choir. The students had to audition for the regional honor choir, which was held in November in Palo Alto last year. The students went on to the all-state honor choir, held during March in Pasadena. Students still have the opportunity to submit a choral audition to the national honor choir during May and receive acceptance letters in June.

Harker spirit will be going to the beach on Nov. 21. If it rains, they will go to the boardwalk instead. The spirit club also announced the result of Homecoming, which took place Oct. 3: Sophomores placed fourth, juniors placed third, freshman placed second, and seniors placed first.

This Wednesday, Head of school Christopher Nikoloff will be holding the first seminar “Who are you” philosophy series. This seminar will tackle identity and answer questions such as “What is the self? and “What is the relationship between the mind and the body?” The conference will be held in the main conference room during long lunch.

One of ASB’s goals is to keep students informed about the projects it and student council are working on. They have established several communities, of which student council members are in charge of: Food/Lunch community by Alexander Lam (11), Community and Relations by Haley Tran (11), Happiness community by Edward Sheu (12) and Maintenance community by Sandip Nirmel (11), which can be contacted at [email protected].

Each community is working on a specific task. The Happiness community is working on the quiet study area, the community relations committee is working on the kiosk outside Manzanita, and the food community is working on the commercial microwave.

There are no alternate schedules this week.