Science of success


Melina Nakos

Although studying is greatly important in achieving goals later on in life, a person must find their pleasure in life in order to support it with their actions.

There are hundreds of theories as to what makes a person successful, what drives a person to go from a regular, hum-drum human being, to a billionaire with the world in the palm of their hand.

People from all backgrounds have conceived theories, ranging from Forbes’ 14 Things Every Successful Person Has in Common to “tiger mom” Amy Chua’s hypothesis about the most successful races published in her recent book, “The Triple Package.”

But truly, the definition of success to each person is unique.

The dictionary definition of success is listed as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” This definition is broad and paints success in a very different way than the traditional view of success as a game of numbers.

In the Harker community, I have found the definition of success to be different from my personal one. Success is perceived to be money and security by the most recent generations. Instead of a sense of fulfillment from completing a goal, most people view the achievement of goals as materialistic and concrete.

Success was never meant to be defined universally, due to the distinct passions of each person. But since the world became a more competitive place, the definition of success had to be stabilized in order to serve as a platform for rivalry.

When the definition of success as money is swept away and no longer gives an objective view of success, those who are grappling for it no longer understand what they are looking for.

Success should not be about what a person has, but what they can offer the world.

One must introspect in order to find what they love to do, and find the courage to chase that dream. Furthermore, after the initial discovery, sometimes there is no attainment of the goal. Sometimes, the goal is a lifelong race.

As long as this race is towards the thing a person loves, the person is on the correct road for their own long-term happiness. Although this road may not lead to billions of dollars and owning a small island off the coast of Greece, the true success belongs to those who love every step they take towards their goal.