Hoscars Preview

This year’s Hoscars, a talent show combined with GEO’s multicultural event, will take place in the gym on Thursday, March 27.

Because audition forms were due March 7, students have already started rehearsing and plan to practice until the day of Hoscars. For many students, rehearsals include working with instruments, dividing parts of songs, and full run-throughs.

“[I am] currently in the middle of [rehearsing] two songs. One is an acapella arrangement of Lorde’s “Royals,” […]. The other song [I’m working on] is a duet […]. To be honest, [preparation so far] has surpassed all my expectations,” senior Claudia Tischler said.

ASB is currently preparing for the event, which includes finding judges, holding auditions, and creating ways to incorporating the Star Wars theme into the event. They are also focused on spreading the word to attract more participants via posters and flyers.

“Set up for Hoscars is just starting to ramp up […]. A cool way that the theme usually influences the show is by the types of awards we give out. We’re thinking of fun award names like the Han Solo Award for best solo performance and others like that,” ASB president Arjun Goyal (12) said.

Traditionally, announcers of Hoscars are seniors. Efrey Noten (12) and Kenny Zhang (12), this year’s emcees, have to perform many duties such as writing their own dialogue and performing small introductory skits before acts. They were informed of their position as co-emcees on  Feb. 25.

“The most important [and difficult] part will be making people laugh! It’s the MC’s job to keep the show cohesive as opposed to an awkward, segmented series of acts and I believe humor is the best way to accomplish that, “ said senior Efrey Noten.

Students and faculty plan to support their performing peers by watching the annual celebration of the numerous talents of the Harker community.