SNHS welcomes new members during lunch field trip


New inductee Manon Audebert (11) receives a certificate for joining Spanish National Honor Society from Spanish teacher Diana Moss. All members of the society were invited to the lunch and ceremony, which took place during long lunch at Mexico Lindo.

by Trisha Jani

During long lunch today, members of the Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS), also known as Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, gathered for a field trip to the Mexico Lindo restaurant, located in San Jose.

According to AP Spanish teacher and club advisor Abel Olivas, the outing was meant to provide newly inducted members with an official welcome to the society.

Throughout the event, old and new members, as well as four Spanish teachers, had the chance to bond and promote the Spanish language over a traditional Mexican meal consisting of salad, rice, beans, and a variety of enchiladas.

Junior Renu Singh, a returning member of the club, enjoyed the social aspect of the outing.

“I think it was a fun event. We got to go out to lunch with everyone from the group together,” she said. “Since we only see them twice a year, it was good to regroup towards the end of the year and initiate the new members.”

After lunch, SNHS President Nina Sabharwal (12) gave a warm welcome to each of the new members, mainly consisting of sophomores. In order to become a member, a student needs to take two years of Spanish in high school and maintain an appropriate grade in the course. All newly initiated students were presented with certificates.

According to Nina, the induction ceremony is “a great way to both get to know the new members and thank the graduating seniors for all their work.”

“It’s definitely a more relaxed setting where we get to bond with the new members while eating Spanish food,” she said. “I think the best part is welcoming the new members one by one into the society.”

Afterwards, all members repeated the words of the SNHS oath, which highlight the commitments and expectations of all members of the society. Students pledge to dedicate themselves to the study of the Spanish language, with the purpose of mastering it in the future. Their devotion lasts for a lifetime, as they vow to promote friendship and understanding between countries around the world.

New inductee Nathan Dalal (10) looks forward to improving his Spanish and learning more about the culture as a member of SNHS.

“It is going to be really fun to write an article and be a part of the Spanish culture night,” he said.

In addition to the lunch ceremony, another event that all members of SNHS are required to attend is the Spanish Cultural Night, which took place in March. All members also write an article for a newsletter which is published twice a year.