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Humans of Harker: Maintaining equilibrium

“Prioritize yourself. I now prioritize my health over any grade. Overworking is one of the biggest things you should not do because the results are not always what you want, which leads to you feeling like you did it for nothing. I feel like taking that breather, and finding why you’re really doing something is really important,” Srivani Vegesna (’20) said.

by Arushi Saxena, Co-Managing Editor

June 17, 2020

Sitting cross-legged in Dobbins Hall, Srivani Vegesna ('20) balances herself evenly on one of the concrete benches, gently setting her phone down beside her. The sun reflects off of her sleek black hair, and she holds her short frame tall. She sits calmly with a light smile on her face, her cool pre...

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srivani vegesna