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How to stay zippy with Zoom

Extended periods of screen time can exacerbate the psychological challenges brought by the physical limitations of sheltering-in-place. “Making sure that we get away from that two-dimensional and [move] into that three-dimensional [is important],” counselor Lori Kohan said.

by Sara Yen, Features Editor

April 29, 2020

An entire day’s worth of staring at your laptop screen weighs on your slumped back, cramped neck and moistureless eyes. The 10-minute passing periods, which you spend fixated on your phone screen, do not aid your afflictions. The conditions of social distancing amid COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders ...

New psychology teacher brings learning experiences with children to the classroom

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

October 5, 2018

A bookshelf sits in the corner of the room, framed by the blank white walls around it. The board is neatly erased, and typing softly at her desk, Dr. Julie Turchin relaxes with a cool demeanor, preparing her lesson plans for the next week. Dr. Turchin, who started at Harker on Oct. 1, has begun to ease...

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