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POLL-itics: Faculty perspectives

POLL-itics: Faculty perspectives

by Isha Moorjani and Sarah Mohammed November 3, 2020

With Harker Aquila’s new 2020 election repeater, POLL-itics, hear from members of the Harker community on various political issues ahead of the 2020 election on Nov. 3. This installment of POLL-itics...

Music Monday is a new installation featuring a different category of songs on a weekly basis.

Music Monday: Get political with Aquila

by Alysa Suleiman, A&E Editor November 2, 2020

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week. In light of the 2020 presidential election...

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaks at a General Assembly during the California Democrats 2019 State Convention on Saturday morning. There have been only two female major party vice presidential nominees in U.S. history; Sen. Kamala Harris (D-C.A.) is the third.

Kamala Harris “has changed the landscape”: Nomination paves way for women of color in politics

by Sarah Mohammed and Varsha Rammohan September 9, 2020

According to the United States Census Bureau, women make up 50.8 percent of the country’s population, Black people make up 13.4 percent and Asian people make up 5.9 percent. In addition to only one...

Protestors cross De Anza Boulevard and wave signs at cars that call for the House to pass two articles of impeachment tomorrow.

Demonstrators call for impeachment on street corners around Bay Area on the eve of historic impeachment vote

by Kathy Fang, Editor-in-Chief December 18, 2019

On the eve of a historic House vote on two articles of impeachment, activists voice their support for impeachment at demonstrations around the Bay Area, joining over 600 rallies and protests nationwide...

Members of the press and the Capitol stand outside the Longworth Office Building on Capitol Hill, where impeachment testimonies were held over the past month. After a monthslong process, the House is expected to vote on two articles of impeachment tomorrow.

Harker Aquila’s guide to tomorrow’s House vote on articles of impeachment

by Kathy Fang, Editor-in-Chief December 18, 2019

The U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on impeachment tomorrow in the culmination of a historic series of investigations, trials and testimonies.  Tomorrow, a full House of 233 Democratic,...

Longworth 1100 in the Longworth House Office Building, where Gordon Sondland testified before the House Intelligence Committee today. Sondland answered questions about his knowledge of alleged arrangements between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, starting at 9 a.m. this morning.

Ambassador Gordon Sondland confirms “quid pro quo” in impeachment hearings

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testified today before the House Intelligence Committee and confirmed a “quid pro quo” between U.S. President Donald Trump and...

Tom Perez, chairman of the DNC, addresses DNC members and their guests during one of the

Presidential candidates, climate protesters and DNC members convene at summer meeting in San Francisco

by Eric Fang, Winged Post Editor-in-Chief August 26, 2019

Outside the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel on Friday, supporters of presidential candidate Tom Steyer cheered and waved blue “Tom 2020” posters. Dispersed throughout the lobby, people of all...

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spoke to a crowd of over 300 people at Manny's in San Francisco last night as part of her four-day campaign swing in California this week. Williamson's plans to

‘Repair, restore and renew America’: Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson brings her vision to the Bay Area

by Eric Fang, News Editor August 16, 2019

Over 300 people gathered for a town hall meeting in the restaurant and community space Manny’s in San Francisco on Thursday night. Some of the people fanned themselves with navy and pink “Marianne...

2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) addresses a crowd of thousands at her town hall rally in Oakland yesterday night. Warren put forth a number of policy proposals, including education reform, universal healthcare and anti-corruption legislation.

“Dream big, fight harder”: Elizabeth Warren has a plan for American families

by Eric Fang and Kathy Fang June 1, 2019

With the American flag behind her and a crowd of several thousand Bay Area voters and supporters before her, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) stepped into the spotlight...

Dalian International Airport, such as several other airports in China have imposed restrictions on travelers with

Millions prevented from travel due to ‘social credit’ offenses in China

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor February 27, 2019

Chinese travelers were barred from traveling 17.5 million times last year due to minor legal infractions such as unpaid fines and taxes according to the National Public Credit Information Center. 5.5 million...

American Party System, Take Six

American Party System, Take Six

by Kathy Fang, Managing Editor January 6, 2019

Nov. 6, 2018—the fated, long anticipated Election Day—came and passed in a flurry of red and blue. Voters around the country trickled into the polls to register and cast their ballots, newspapers and...

The 2018 midterm elections. Original map source: Wikimedia Commons

Inside the midterm elections

by Varsha Rammohan, Saloni Shah, and Aditya Singhvi December 9, 2018

The Democrats gained a majority in the House of Representatives while Republicans expanded their lead in the Senate during the midterm elections on Nov. 6. These elections had the highest ever number...

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