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States across the country pass restrictive anti-abortion legislation

Protestors at a pro-choice rally hold signs defending their rights to make decisions about their bodies. Organizers have begun planning rallies in Alabama, with a large social media movement encouraging women to share their stories of abortion in order to de-stigmatize the issue.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

May 17, 2019

Following a wave of anti-abortion legislation that has recently risen up to challenge federal law, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the nation’s most controversial abortion bill into law last Tuesday night, creating a near-total ban on abortions, except in the case of a life-threatening situation. A week ...

Conservative representation in the media contributes to discussion

Conservative representation in the media contributes to discussion

by Vivian Jin and Jessie Wang

September 3, 2018

When you read the news--be it The New York Times, The Washington Post or perhaps Buzzfeed--do you notice a common pattern among the articles? They seem to echo similar opinions: feminism is good, LGBTQ+ rights are good, gun control is good and DACA is good. The death penalty is bad, more oil drilling...

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