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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Raindrops splatter my windshield as I look out at the quickly darkening sky. Pen and journal in hand, I listen to the loudness of the natural world. I wonder, Who do I want to grow into this coming year?

The futility of New Year’s Resolutions

by Jessica Tang, Photo Editor February 7, 2023

How are the New Year's Resolutions going? Never mind, I’ll spare you from answering. New Year's Resolutions: glorified and rarely-reached goals set at the beginning of every year. From academic...

Although empty space during the day may not seem to help students’ productivity, it actually trains them to allocate their time wisely. In particular, the absence of a mandatory activity during the morning block can shorten the long list of tasks students must complete each day, lessening their burden bit by bit.

Editorial: Leave more open space in schedule

by Editorial Board February 6, 2023

Of the 75% of Harker Journalism Editorial Board members who voted, 92% agreed with the stance of this editorial. What was supposed to be a fun spirit event to celebrate student athletics at the end...

Parasocial relationships can be fulfilling, and involving ourselves with our favorite celebrities and characters is a normal part of our lives. We can admire the people on the screen, aspire to be them and connect with them parasocially.

Halting the spiral of parasocial relationships

by Yifan Li, TALON Reporter February 5, 2023

The bright glaring screen illuminates my drowsy face as I scroll past the umpteenth video and press on a smiling face, ready to launch myself into endless hours of video consumption. Over quarantine, I...

A woman is strong if she cries; a woman is strong if she fights; a woman is strong for the sole reason that she is a woman. There should be no standard for her. Cinderella, just by being herself and committing to her beliefs, automatically makes her an incredible role model to young girls.

More than a damsel in distress

by Claire Bauschlicher, Reporter January 23, 2023

“Cinderella” by Charles Perrault, adapted into the 1950s Disney classic, depicts the story of a young girl. She lives with her stepmother and sisters, attends a ball, falls in love with a prince, escapes...

An illustration of a can of Harkers Condensed Tomato Soup. Harker Aquilas assistant opinions editor Jessica Wang shares a ranking of the best five soups.

Friday Five: A definitive soup ranking

by Jessica Wang, Assistant Opinions Editor January 20, 2023

It's believed that the first bowl of soup was prepared around 20,000 B.C. However, my most poignant memory regarding soup is closer to 2022 A.D. It was a fateful Tuesday. For lunch that day, we were served...

With suicide in the top three leading causes of death amongst teenagers, it’s alarming that we are so used to hearing these words that we don’t notice them anymore. These jokes trivialize suicidal thoughts and imply that this problem is commonplace, normal and even insignificant.

Editorial: Insensitive jokes harm environment

by Editorial Board November 30, 2022

Content warning: This article mentions suicide. For free and confidential support, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. Discussions of concerns circulate the room as anticipation rises for...

Michelle Liu (12) reads Maus, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about the Holocaust. A Tennessee school board banned the book for eighth graders in January, a move that threatens to erase the real history of the Holocaust.

‘Maus’: Banning what challenges you doesn’t change you

by Michelle Liu and Sally Zhu February 1, 2022

harkeraquila · Aquila Audible of "‘Maus’: Banning what challenges you doesn’t change you" A Tennessee school district board unanimously voted to ban the Pulitzer-winning graphic novel...

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