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Humans of Harker: Just go crazy

“The universe is huge. Whatever ripple your little sand grain makes in this pond of a universe, those ripples are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Those consequences that you think are going to crush down on you aren't that big when you are looking at the universe's scale. And you might say, 'Why not just stay in bed then and do nothing because nothing I do is worth it.' Well, then why not do everything then. It's kind of a way of looking at [life]. Just go crazy,” Jin Tuan (12) said.

by Sara Yen, Features Editor

November 4, 2019

Clicks from her black Doc Martens hitting the pavement resound as Jin Tuan (12) confidently struts down the path between the RPAC and Main Office. A floral velvet button-up tucked into ripped black jeans peeks out from her lengthy trench coat. Although her hands are buried in the deep pockets of her coat...

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