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Humans of Harker: Adding color

“When I’m feeling some type of way...art is really a distraction because especially when you’re sketching something and trying to be meticulous about it and really focused on achieving a specific goal. You really have to give it most of your attention which is nice because when I’m in class, I have a lot on my mind and it’s nice to almost be forced to focus on one thing and just take it easy,” Delaney Logue (12) said.

by Shreya Srinivasan, TALON Managing Editor and Business Manager

January 13, 2020

Laying a colorful striped blanket on the moist grass, Delaney Logue (12) sets her clear box of art supplies and her black headphones down before sitting down. She clicks the triangle-shaped icon on her phone and mellow music begins to block out the sound of the passing wind. With a small rectangular ...

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