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Upper school orchestra celebrates seniors in annual spring concert

Conductor Dr. David Hart leads the upper school orchestra in a performance of Stravinsky's

by Kathy Fang, Managing Editor

May 3, 2019

Wrapping up a year of concerts and performances, the upper school orchestra played their final concert of the school year in the Patil Theater tonight, honoring senior musicians in an expansive collection of pieces that ranged from Harry Potter to Stravinsky. The show, which began at 8 p.m. following...

Humans of Harker: Beyond the labels

“Each piece that I play, when I'm playing it, it's more than the music. Every piece has its own historical meaning, especially for classical music. Sometimes the composers were trying to express different sorts of meanings that were relative to the historical context during the time, so I think it's really interesting to study that. Studying music and playing music in relation to history, and especially when I'm on orchestra tours, and being able to play a piece that was composed in that specific country, is extremely cool. For my Mitra topic, I'm doing [research] related to the French Revolution and opera. I've always been interested in the intertwined  nature of history and music,” Constance Horng (12) said.

by Sara Yen, Asst. Features Editor

October 10, 2018

Poised and graceful, Constance Horng (12) nods over her bow, signaling the other players in the quartet to start, as she smoothly glides her bow across the strings of her violin, releasing a clear, precise note that rings out into the quad, capturing the attention of the audience for the duration of...

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Constance Horng