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Humans of Harker: Organized chaos

“I definitely do programming, and that's my thing for sure. But I also like other stuff. I guess the best way I can describe myself is like organized chaos. Everything is happening in all sorts of all but limited in some way. It's like split identities, but they're all unified in some way that I don’t know,” Bennett Liu (12) said.

by Varsha Rammohan, Co-Managing Editor

January 12, 2020

Dressed in a bright red Harker CTF sweatshirt and blue jeans, Bennett Liu (12) dumps out the contents of his backpack on the chilly Nichols Hall floor. Out tumbles a copy of V for Vendetta, a tangled pair of earphones and a pack of blue floral tape, to name a few.  Bennett’s wild assortment of objec...

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