Varsity football sets a new school standard starting season 4-0

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Varsity football sets a new school standard starting season 4-0

by Alisha Mayor

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Setting a new standard for the program, the Varsity Football team made school history again, continuing their historic run with a win over California School for the Deaf (CSD) to bring their record now to 4-0.

After strong wins against San Jose High and Yerba Buena, 21-7 and 17-0 respectively, the team pulled off two more victories against James Lick High School and CSD.

Minutes into the James Lick game, Gautam Krishnamurthi (11) scored a strip touchdown by securing a fumble, and Captain Kevin Fu (12) later secured the 14-7 win on another touchdown by receiving a pass.

Against CSD, Rohan Shah (12) and Kevin caught passes from Captain Cole Davis (12) for touchdowns. Bogdan Botcharov (12) also ran one in for their final touchdown, the final score being 19-6.

New to the team, kicker Jose Costa (12) nearly maintained his record, missing his first Point After Touchdown (PAT) in the last game.

Both players and coaches were in high spirits, proud of the night’s results.

“Feels great!” Sean Morgan (12) said, echoing the thoughts of the rest of the team.

“Have you had a first kiss yet? Magnify that by a thousand times and bring it to the power of five. That’s how I feel right now,” Kevin said after the James Lick game.

Cole credits the improvement of the team to the Juniors “stepping up” as well as players putting in extra work off-season. Rishi Bhatia (11) stands out after making huge plays in the past games.

Varsity Head Coach Karriem Stinson emphasized the team effort.

“The only people that are counting on them are their brothers and their coaches,” he said, referring to the Junior Varsity team members. He also wanted it known that the game against James Lick was dedicated to history teacher John Near, who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.

“They’ve overcome adversity,” Coach Ray Fowler said. “We had a bunch of guys out with the flu, we have a smaller team than the other teams we play—in numbers and also the size—and they come out every week and do it.”

However, as JV Head Coach and former player, Geoffrey Lundie said, the big win before CSD “means nothing in our league”. The league start of the season was Thursday night against CSD.

The team is already looking ahead to play-offs, hoping to show at Central Coast Section (CCS) this year. Any wins from now on will increase their chances of meeting this goal.

The players are anxious for their first home game against Salesian High School coming up on Friday, October 16, the strongest competition the team will face. Salesian is “pretty much the number one team in our league,” Jason Kuan (10) said.

Despite the loss last year, Gautam said “if we play the way we played today, and the way [we’ve played] the last two weeks, I think we can pull it off.”

The JV team has not been as successful on the field. At 1-2 after canceling the game against Yerba Buena because of the flu, the team had its first win against CSD last Thursday, 18-8.

“Our team’s looking a lot better and improving a lot,” said Captain Zachary Ellenberg (10).