Review: New album disappoints The Script’s fans – 2/5 stars

Review: New album disappoints The Script’s fans - 2/5 stars

by Sadhika Malladi

Experimenting with a new rap element in their music, The Script released their third album, appropriately named #3, on October 9.

The album got most of its hype when the band released their single “Hall of Fame,” featuring This song, despite deviating from The Script’s usual style, is a massive hit for simply being stuck in everyone’s heads. However, the rest of the rap songs are disappointing in comparison. Although some of the new rap verses are catchy, they clash with the calm piano and guitar, leaving listeners pining for the usual sound of The Script.

Rhyming verses of struggle are just an experiment for The Script; other parts of their album still have the same sound. These songs interest listeners, giving them what they truly expect from The Script’s third studio album. “The Six Degrees of Separation” brings back what fans love most: catchy piano riffs working perfectly with guitar harmonies and meaningful lyrics.

Although The Script makes a valiant effort to incorporate rap verses, their songs have lost their usual sentimental touch with the rhymes mixed in. The rap itself is not very interesting, since the beat consists of only melancholy piano and moderate drums.

Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue tries rapping, but he fails to keep the listener intrigued, giving the listeners the feeling that he is droning on. Besides the singing, the rest of the band keeps their customary style. Guitarist Mark Sheehan maintains his spaced-out minor chords throughout songs. Drummer Glen Powers employs electronic drums occasionally in the rap songs, but he continues using generic beats as he did in previous albums.

Overall, The Script gives a laudable effort in their new album to cover new territory, but their experiment fails. The album does, however, have an amazing graphic, which plays again on the theme of the number 3.