Honors Directed Portfolio senior student art showcases come to a close


Alena Suleiman

Madeline Hansen (12) and Ysabel Chen (12) attend the reception for Michelle Liu’s (12) Honors Directed Portfolio exhibition. Five senior students created art work for their own exhibitions in the semester-long Honors Directed Portfolio course.

by Alena Suleiman, Asst. A&E Editor

The Honors Directed Portfolio art showcases started the week of Jan. 31 and continued through the week of March 21, displaying the works of five senior students who are taking the Honors Directed Portfolio course. 

Arianna Weaver’s (12) exhibition took place the week of Jan. 31, followed by Michelle Liu (12) the week of Feb. 7. Afterward, Arkita Jain (12), Brooklyn Cicero (12) and Gloria Zhu’s (12) displayed their works on the weeks of March 7, March 14 and March 21 respectively. 

The students, who all took the Honors Directed Portfolio course last semester, created works for the final portfolio show and reception, starting with brainstorming and researching inspiration and artistic style, planning and ideation and finally execution and showcasing.

“I think a lot of [my inspiration] came from books and movies that I was surrounded by at the time or that I found myself drawn to,” Michelle said. “I like being able to explore the same themes that I’m seeing in a movie or a book that I’ve already read.”