Review: The Amazing Spider-Man – 4.5/5 stars


by Meena Chetty and Urvi Gupta

Spider-Man, the iconic Marvel superhero who has appeared in comic books and films for half a century, experiences a reboot with a new movie based on a similar plot that broke grossing records on its July 3 premiere: The Amazing Spider-Man.

The modern film of the Spider-Man series follows the plot of the comics more closely than its predecessor. Additionally, the movie maintains the audience’s complete attention by incorporating a balanced blend of raw emotions and sentimentality alongside humor and lightheartedness.

Since the new series portrays the young version of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in high school, the film illustrates the rollercoaster that the character experiences as an angsty teenager who recently has discovered that he has life-saving superpowers.

Garfield pulls off the slightly gangly and geekish look that the role of Parker calls for with ease, while adding his own modern flair with the addition of a hoody and skateboard to the stereotypical nerd image. The actor manages to capture the audience with his boyish excitement at discovering his new powers, which is skillfully contrasted by the moodier tones of anger and abandonment caused by the losses of his father and uncle.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone compliments Garfield in her role as Gwen Stacy, Parker’s love interest. Whereas Parker is more of a reserved outcast, Stacy acts as an intelligent and supportive character; Stone and Garfield achieve this dynamic in a way that creates an instant on-screen chemistry.

Similarly, Rhys Ifans does an effective job of portraying the villain, Dr. Curtis Connors, as he transitions from his different roles as a mentor, friend, and finally enemy.

Director Marc Webb, most known for his romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer, brings his characteristic combination of humor and drama into this film, adding more depth to the already well-known story. His choice of using mostly stunt-based action sequences rather than animation or computer-generated imagery creates a relatable factor within the fictional story.

However, the occasional customary animation and stunt doubles do not go entirely unnoticed by the audience, unfortunately drawing from the plot for a few seconds at a time.

Overall, Webb and his talented cast pull off the feat of reintroducing the already famous story of Spider-Man in a new light.