Upper school science bowl teams compete at regional competition


Provided by Robbie Korin

A screenshot of the upper school’s A team at the Department of Energy’s regional science bowl on Feb. 6. The A team placed second, while the B team placed in the top eight, the highest ranked second team in the competition.

The Department of Energy’s regional Science Bowl was held virtually on Feb. 6 with the upper school A team placing second and B team placing in the top eight.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, which has held the event in person for the past 15 years, hosted the modified event over Zoom. Teams were placed into individual Zoom rooms and answered 18 questions with three preliminary matches in the morning, after which the top 24 teams moved onto the elimination round. 

The upper school A team consisted of captain Rishab Parthasarathy (11) and team members David Dai (11), Harsh Deep (11), Jeremy Ko (10) and William Zhao (11), and the B team included team members Michael Eng (12), Russell Yang (12), Rohan Bhowmik (10), Gautam Bhooma (9) and Nicholas Wei (10). The B team was the highest ranked second team in the competition.