Upper School seniors celebrate final year through participation in Fashion Show


by Nayeon Kim & Meena Chetty

The last year of high school is special to every student. Some seniors choose to celebrate it by participating in the fashion show as models.

In this year’s fashion show themed Celebrate! K through Life, 14 girls and four boys from the senior class modeled alongside students of other grades.

“I wanted to make the most out of my senior year,” Aaron Bisla (12) said.

Modeling for the first time, Aaron enjoyed the chance to spend time with his friends and pose on stage in front of a supportive audience.

Likewise, Sameena Balram (12) is a novice in modeling. She initially expected the experience to be nerve-racking, but she was proved otherwise when walked down the runway.

“It’s actually pretty fun once you’re on stage. [The models] have a good time together,” she said.

Although Neha Kumar (12) models outside of school, this year marks her first as a high school student in the school’s fashion show. Neha previously took part in the show as a fifth and eighth grader.

“I really like all the clothes that we get this year. It’s really nice to wear really expensive clothes [even though we are] just in high school,” she said.

While both Sameena and Neha appreciated the opportunity to model, they faced unforeseen challenges throughout the process. Sameena found the preparation to be extremely “last minute” since the models tried on their costumes only once and did not have a dress rehearsal before the show. Neha experienced this difficulty firsthand when she had a dress malfunction and was unable to walk on stage for one of her segments.

Though the fashion show was not flawless, the senior models valued gaining a unique modeling experience in their final year of high school.