Evolution of senior class spirit


by Priyanka Mody

The class of 2010 did not come straight out of middle school dominating the rallies and spirit events. Every journey has a beginning.

Freshmen year, they found themselves in a new environment as they entered the realm of high school where spirit is highly valued.

“Freshman year we were not into spirit … we thought [it] was a kind of lame thing, at least [for] those of us who went to [the] middle school.” Vivian Huang (12) said. But to her surprise, when she came to the upper school it was really unexpected that spirit was such a big deal.

“Freshmen are, unfortunately or fortunately, a very different beast … so they don’t even know what to expect when they are told to do a synchronized swim or skit.” Dr. Naomi Schatz, Class Dean said.

Although Dr. Schatz was an advisor during the seniors’ freshman year, being a dean for three years has allowed her to observe them flourish.

“I’ve seen them take more leadership. It’s really been nice to watch them grow… they have changed so much,” she said.

The turning point for the seniors was during their sophomore year when they realized the importance of class unity. They created cabinet meetings, which were essentially gatherings called when they needed involvement in a class competition, and usually thirty or forty students would attend, according to Dr. Schatz. The main goal was to get more people involved, more heads, and most importantly more enthusiasm.

“After our downfall in freshman year, we sprung up,” Zaynah Sadiq (12) said.

Now it is their senior year and the several students feel that the senior class has bonded with each other.

“The senior class has developed a strong sense of unity and spirit throughout our four years together,” Akum Gill said (12).

Furthermore, Adam Perelman (12) said, “we have truly grown throughout our strong performances in the spirit activities.”
For their last year, having homecoming on campus was a change to students, but some cherished it as their last one.

“Honestly for me and speaking for the entire class, we really value today more than we have any other year, because it’s the last time,” Ankur Ahuja (12) said on the day of the Homecoming rally and game, and even though colleges have homecoming, he feels that it is much more close-knit here.

Similarly, Aadithya Prakash (12) said that having homecoming at home is special. “Having events on campus like this… it’s going to be very memorable.”