Gingerbread house spirit competition held during long lunch


by Advaita Kanakamedala & Sarah Bean

Candy canes and graham crackers littered the tables in the Edge during long lunch on Wednesday, December 7th as each class constructed and decorated a graham cracker “gingerbread” house as part of a class competition.

Freshmen chose to build a gingerbread house inspired by Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter books and movies. It was the first gingerbread house competition for the freshmen, but they came prepared with a frame to put together and a definitive idea of what they would build. Although the class was inexperienced, freshman Vishal Vaidya, said “I think we have a fair shot at first.”

The sophomores went a different route by designing their gingerbread house like a Gothic castle. Although they were given the entire long lunch period, the sophomores had trouble finishing their building in time. They spent some time cutting out pieces of cardboard before they were able to put their castle together.

“We understood from the rules that we weren’t allowed to build the structure beforehand, so we had to take some time to build that,” sophomore class dean Victor Adler said.

Modeling their gingerbread house after Santa’s Palace, the Juniors opted for a more minimalist look for the house itself than the other classes. The palace was topped with a flag with the numbers 2013.

Both the sophomore and junior classes added lights to the outside of their graham cracker houses as well. Sophomore Andrew Wang said the idea was inspired by “looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood.”

The seniors’ graham cracker house was built as one giant tower, with a mishmash of frosting and candy decorating it, representing the end of the world with the class of 2012.

“We just wanted to have a lot of fun. We sort of had a plan for this, but we decided to just […] have fun instead and it’s so much better because we’re so spirited about it,” senior Sarika Asthana said.

The graham cracker “gingerbread” house building competition allowed students to participate in a battle for spirit points and come together as a class to celebrate the holiday season.