2015-2016 SDS cast list announced


Courtesy of the Performing Arts Department

The four SDS shows this year are “The internet is distract- Oh look a kitty!” “The Final Dress Rehearsal,” “Selfie” and “Cheating Death.” Rehearsals for SDS will begin on Nov. 9.

The cast list for the 2015-2016 Student Directed Showcase was posted on the door of Patil Hall last Friday afternoon.

The four SDS shows this year are “The internet is distract- Oh look a kitty!” directed by Mary Najibi (12), “The Final Dress Rehearsal” directed by Maxwell Smitherman (12), “Selfie” directed by Rachel Renteria (12) and “Cheating Death” directed by Janet Lee (12). Auditions were held on Oct. 13 and qualified as a workshop for anyone in the certificate program.

Mary described the process of how she chose her cast.

“During callbacks, we had the people we [had] called back for certain roles read for each part in various scenes,” she said. “I looked at how well they took direction, how enthusiastically they went with interpreting the character and their choices, and how well they worked with others in the scene.”

The director of each show selected the people who were most appropriate for their plays. Factors used to select these people included enthusiasm, character interpretation, and how well each person fit into a role.

Markus Wong (10), who was selected to be part of “The internet is distract- Oh look a kitty!” expects this year’s Student Directed Showcase to be a different experience for him than last year’s, which he was also a part of.

“I think this year is a whole different thing,” Markus said. “I’m playing a whole different character.”

Similarly, Sana Aladin (11) also references her past experiences with SDS in her projection for this year’s show.

“I’m really excited,” Sana, who is a member of the cast for Janet’s play “Cheating Death,” said. “I’ve done SDS for two years. It’s low commitment and it’s always really fun. It’s always a good experience and I can’t wait for this year’s.”

Many cast members for SDS are currently working on their roles in the play, “The Laramie Project,” but rehearsals for SDS will begin on Nov. 9.