Freshman class participates in annual community service


Anjay Saklecha

Freshmen walk up the side of a hill searching for trash at the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. The entire class went on a community service trip to Guadalupe River Conservancy while the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT on Wednesday.

The class of 2019 participated in the annual freshman community service day at the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy on Wednesday.

While in previous years, advisories had attended various service sites, this year, there was only one location for the event.

Freshman advisory groups rotated to different stations within the site to do a number of different service activities throughout the afternoon.

“The whole freshman class is heading to one location and volunteering together,” said Director of Community Service Kerry Enzensperger. “Normally, we go to eight or nine different sites, at various different times, whereas now, everyone will be going to the same time and place. It is a really big change.”

The service trip has been an annual tradition since the school’s inception. It has given freshmen the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with volunteering while bonding with their advisories and classmates.

“Community service is a big part of the school’s mission in developing character and utilizing all of their talents and intelligence,” said Assistant to Director of Student Activities Eric Kallbrier. “This is, for many people, the first introduction to service. That’s a really great opportunity that Harker provides, where people can feel how good it feels to give back.

Abigail Wisdom (9), who went on the trip, believes the experience was valuable.

“It was really fun, we cleaned up a lot of trash and found a lot of interesting stuff,” Abigail said. “We learned a lot about the different type of trees in the area, and we helped the environment.”

Freshman are required to have a total of ten hours of community service by April of this year. By the end of high school, all students must complete 30 hours of community service as part of their graduation requirements with students having to complete at least ten hours in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior years respectively.

While the freshmen went to Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT until 11:30 a.m, and the seniors took the day off.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on October 16, 2015.