Junior Honor Council representatives announced


Aditya Varshney

Students vote for their honor council representatives during lunch on Thursday. The Class of 2017’s three representatives were announced at class meeting on Tuesday.

The three Honor Council representatives chosen by the Class of 2017 were announced at the juniors’ class meeting on Tuesday.

The elected Honor Council officers are juniors Chetana Kalidindi, Soham Khan and Andrew Rule. The new members will serve in the council until the end of their senior year.

The council mediates ethical conflicts such as in cases of cheating and plagiarism. Each class has only two opportunities to select honor council representatives prior to graduation. The first election process occurs in the second semester of freshman year and the second occurs either at the end of sophomore year or at the beginning of junior year.

According to the chair of the Honor Council, Dr. Smriti Koodanjeri, representatives carry a significant responsibility because they keep the honor code functioning at the Upper School.

“It’s a position of respect and prestige,” Dr. Koodanjeri said. “You hold it for two years, unlike the student council, which is one year. I’m hoping that fellow classmates look up to you. We put you in that position because you’re fair, you’re just, and you’re kind. Holding that position for two years in front of your peers is a great thing.”

Senior council members also weighed in on the junior class’s elections. Kevina Xiao (12) believed that the new leaders will mesh well with the council’s mission.

“Now more than ever we are finding ways to improve honor in the community, and we are really trying to do a lot of things this year,” Kevina said. “I would say Honor Council is a really good experience, and I feel like there is a lot of potential to make changes in the Harker community.”

Similarly, Vineet Kosaraju, the other senior class representative in the council, believes that the group is attempting to become more open and less intimidating over time.

“A lot of students don’t know what Honor Council is about and that’s something we’re looking to change,” Vineet said. “When people think of honor or Honor Council, they think about cheating on tests or [any] kind of violation of honor, whereas we want them to focus on the positive, like helping a friend out or holding open a door.”

According to Samuel Lepler, one of the teachers responsible for managing the council, the group wants to emphasize the positive aspects of the Upper School.

“We’re planning on a few different projects for outreach to try to raise awareness of the importance of honor and what honor looks like and really raise awareness of how honorable we really are,” Lepler said. “To celebrate honor as well as be aware of dishonor is equally important to celebrate.”

The freshmen will vote for their two Honor Council representatives in January, around the end of the first semester. Check back with Harker Aquila for further updates.