Football teams take on Yerba Buena for first game of the season

Johnathan Keller (12) avoids being tackled by Yerba Buena defense. The Eagles lost 21-38.

Johnathan Dai

Johnathan Keller (12) avoids being tackled by Yerba Buena defense. The Eagles lost 21-38.

The junior varsity and varsity football teams played against Yerba Buena High School this Friday on Davis Field for their first game of the season with both teams losing 6-20 and 21-38 respectively.

The junior varsity game started at 4 pm. Despite losing the game, left tackle player Matthew Lee (10) thought that the team played vigorously.

“I think the game went well, this is the first time we’ve had a junior varsity team in a very long time,” Matthew said. “We weren’t expected to do well as we did; we held them to 20 and we scored 6 ourselves.”

Rishi Chopra (10), who plays guard, also thought that the junior varsity team played well, but had room for improvement.

“I think we actually played really well considering this was a first for all of us, whether it was our first starting game or first time playing in a high school football game,” Rishi said. “We already have a short roster, there just 13 of us right now, and the other team had 52 so they were able to switch in really easily so they didn’t tire out; we should improve on our stamina.”

After the junior varsity team finished playing, the varsity teams of Harker and Yerba Buena took the field. The varsity team lost 21-18, despite being up 14-0 during the first half.

Rishabh Nijhawan (11), who plays on the offensive line, thought that too many mistakes were made.

“I don’t think we played well at all. Too many mental errors mainly. A lot of penalties that were very stupid,” Rishabh said. “Our heads weren’t in the game in the second half and we dropped a huge lead and that was pretty much the key to our loss.”

However, William Park (11), who plays linebacker and running back, thought that the varsity team played strong.

“I think that we played really well, i think it was just that it was the first game and we just had a lot of football mistakes,” William said. “We’re a really good team and I believe that we will go into the next game with a new mentality and focus on all the mistakes we made and then refer to those on this week’s practice.”

Kailee Gifford (11) also thought that the team played up to par with a supportive crowd at their backs.

“I thought that they played really well and that they started off really strong in the first quarter and that we looked a lot better than last year and previous years,” Kailee said. “The crowd was really good, obviously there was the student cheering section, and i think that was really great and pumped all the players up and made the atmosphere a lot more energetic and fun.”

The stands were packed last night with supporters as the football teams played.

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The crowd cheers on the Eagles as they played against Yerba Buena last Friday. The Eagles prepare to play Del Mar this Friday.

“[The energy of the crowd] was super good, we were all really loud and there were so many people there wearing all white to support the team and we had a really great vibe going on,” Makenzie Tomihiro (10) said. “I think we really helped boost their spirits.”

Quarterback Nate Kelly (10) also felt the effect of the crowd as he played on the field.

““The crowd was pretty electrifying, I hope to get a crowd like that every home game and that would be nice; the crowd was there at all times just cheering us on,” Nate said. “Them being behind us is always a help to the teammates.”

The Varsity team prepares to play against Del Mar High School this upcoming week.