Freshmen and sophomores learn about upcoming trip to Greece and Italy


Kavya Ramakrishnan

History teacher Andrea Milius presents an overview of the trip to interested freshmen and sophomores. The 10-day trip will occur over Spring Break.

Over 40 freshmen and sophomores interested in the upper school trip to Italy and Greece attended informational meetings about the trip and its application process today during long lunch.

The two 15-minute meetings were led by history teacher and trip chaperone Andrea Milius in Shah 407 and took place at 11:15 a.m. and noon for students interested in learning more about the trip and receiving an application.

The trip, which will take place over spring break from March 23 to April 2, is open to current freshmen and sophomores and is meant to add to their understanding of world history, which all freshmen and many sophomores study.

“I think it’s one of the places that we go that just actually aligns with our curriculum and history, so that’s very important but just academically there’s so many areas that enrich what we’re learning,” Milius said. “I just think that when you like this type of history you have to go and see this stuff and you can’t see it in the United States.”

The trip will include visits to Rome, Naples, Capri, Athens, Pompeii and Delphi and students will visit landmarks such as the Vatican, the Parthenon, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel.

Jennifer Walrod, Director of Global Education, explains the events that led to the creation of the trip.

“A couple of things had happened, Ms. Milius and I started talking about it for several years and she is very interested in Greek and Italian history and over the years I’ve had plenty of parents come to me and say ‘There’s nothing for kids that are studying Latin – no trip for them to go on,’” she said. “And also along with that I’ve had a lot of past students recommend that we start a regular trip to Europe.”

Walrod, who will also be a chaperone on the trip, hopes for a minimum of 15 students and depending on amount of students, will add on a third chaperone.

“I’ve always been interested in Roman history and Greece’s history so this is actually being there instead of just learning about it in books,” freshman Timothy Chang said.

Applications for the trip are due next Friday. Interested students should contact Milius or Walrod for further information or to receive an application.