Rising sophomore candidates give speeches for student council elections

Freshman class speeches for student council elections were held in the gym today.

Seventeen students ran for five positions. Aliesa Bahri, Amy Jin, Derek Kuo and Akshaya Vemuri ran for secretary; Jerry Chen, Megan Huynh, Sameep Mangat and Justin Su ran for treasurer;  Divija Bhimaraju, Makenzie Tomihiro and Maxwell Woehrmann ran for spirit coordinator, Krishna Bheda, Darren Gu and Justin Xie ran for vice president; Akhil Arun, Jimmy Lin and Shikhar Solanki ran for president.

Eric Tran (9) commented on the large number of candidates.

“I think it’s going to be more competition, but I think that’s good in a way because now we have more candidates to choose from so [we] have a better student council,” he said.

Class of 2018 Dean Dr. Victor Adler introduced each candidate. He also spoke about how the voting would be done with the Alternative Vote (AV) system, which was also utilized in other student council and Associated Student Body (ASB) elections.

Most students running for treasurer suggested the idea of having more fundraisers to raise money for the class.

“I’m sure you all remember the Tpumps fundraiser last month. I think it was a great idea, but throughout this entire school year, that has been the only fundraiser outside of the Homecoming food sales,” Jerry said in his speech. “As such, I believe it would be beneficial to increase their frequency to at least once a month.”

Five of the candidates, including Derek, Justin, Maxwell, Darren and Jimmy, are currently a part of student council.

“[The speeches were] a really good opportunity to get to know a lot of the candidates,” current President Jimmy said. “I’m sure that a lot of previous student council members were already known by the majority of the class, but it was great to see a bunch of new faces that people may not have previously known come out and demonstrate why they want to be on the council.”

Spirit coordinator candidates brainstormed ideas to improve engagement of students in spirit activities.

“The biggest change that I plan to incorporate to solve the communication barrier is an official proposal system,” Divija said. “If I’m elected, I’ll set up a Proposal Box in Manzanita. Any of you can deposit a slip in it any time—feedback, ideas, suggestions, anything.”

Mishu Nitulescu (9) voiced his opinion on ideas pitched by candidates.

“It was great that we had a lot of people running; that showed a lot of leadership and that’s what we need nowadays,” he said. “I think a lot of good things were mentioned but i feel like there has to be support from the teachers as well.”

Voting will be held on Thursday during both lunches in the journalism room and results will be announced on Monday.