Next year’s dress code altered


Shannon Su

FOCUSING ON CHANGE: Students and faculty gather at the Oct. 20 focus group meeting to discuss dress code alterations. They decided to change restrictions on boys shirts and girls skirt lengths.

A revised dress code will be proposed to the administration within the next month, after the Dress Code Committee incorporates suggestions from Wednesday’s faculty meeting and October’s focus group meeting.

Faculty members established focus groups comprised of teachers and advisory representatives to discuss ideas for a revised Upper School dress code. The results of the forum and a separate parent meeting were incorporated into the dress code.

“The focus is really now on values and what you should do, not what you can’t do,” said ASB Vice President and Dress Code Committee member Jessica “Fred” Chang (12).

Sophomore Hazal Gurcan, who attended the focus group, shared her opinion on the proposed rules. Under the “fingertip rule,” students’ fingertips would need to reach the hemline of dresses, skirts, and shorts with their fingertips while standing fully upright.

“I black-dress-clipartfeel that the fingertip rule and value-based rules could easily be manipulated,” she said. “But I think it’s a change for the better that gives students more freedom of expression in what they wear,” she said.

Other students also had reservations about the fingertip rule. As of Wednesday, the proposal states that first violations will receive a “warning conversation” with subsequent violations “result[ing] in further consequences.”

“I dont know if everyone is going to be cautious about it if they’re not going to be checking us every five minutes,” Sahiti Avula (12) said.

Earlier this school year, the administration amended the dress code, requiring that all skirts must be at least knee length for ease of teachers’ enforcement. Many teachers had a positive reaction to this month’s update.

“I’m all in favor of it,” English teacher Dr. Ben Spencer-Cooke said.

Some students do not feel as affected by the coming changes.

“I think the current rules are fine,” Ellen Minkin (9) said. “But, it’s smart to make skirts fingertip length because many girls have different leg lengths, this rule would be customized to everyone.”

In the next few weeks, the proposed dress code will reach the administration.

“Ideally, the proposal will be going in with student, faculty, and parents on board,” Fred said.

The official review period for the student handbook begins in March.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on November 21, 2014.