Rehearsals start for Upper School dance production


Praveen Bhatra

Students rehearse for the upcoming dance production. Rehearsals began this week for the upper school dance production, which premieres on Jan. 30.

Rehearsals for the Upper School dance show, themed “Welcome to the Jungle,” began last week.

“The first act will be Welcome to the Jungle, and the second act will be Animal Inhabitants, and all the songs will relate to jungle animals or creatures,” Kuehn said. “The theme shapes the costumes and the music selection and lighting, set design […] the jungle theme will influence choreography as well.”

A record 135 students will perform in the program.

“The concept of dance is actually really diverse, especially in the concept of hip hop,” first-time participant Linus Li (9) said.

Ryan Pachauri (12) is a student choreographer for the show. Choreography class is available to dance conservatory certificate candidates.

“It’ll be exciting. I’m really looking forward to it,” he said.

Rehearsals will continue weekly until January 26th, followed by a tech week.

“Our main goal is, of course, putting on a great production,” Kuehn said. “That’s our focus right now with our after-school rehearsals.”

After-school dance classes will continue once the dance show has completed.

“After the show we’ll have our after-school classes […] technique classes and specialty classes. So I’m hoping that the interest and […] excitement post-production will continue,” Kuehn said.

The dance production will premiere on Jan. 30, with a performance for the middle school on Friday afternoon, and shows open to the public on Friday and Saturday.