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Students travel to Squaw Valley for ski trip

The night before January 16, 29 students had their alarms set for 3 a.m. It was not for morning SAT class; nor was it for an early flight. The students were heading to Squaw Valley for a single-day ski and snowboard trip.

“It has been offered every year, but it has not gone [due to lack of support] for the past three years. I thought we would try it again to see if there was interest, and there was!” said Kerry Enzensperger, the Director of Community Service.

After sleeping on the bus for over four hours, the students woke up to a scene of snow and mountains. Excitement grew as they neared their destination. They arrived at the resort at about 8:15a.m., ready to hit the slopes.

“We got there really early and we were ready to ski. Everything was nicely organized and I would definitely recommend it, ” Govinda Dasu (11) said.

The students were expecting the resort to be teeming with skiers and snowboarders during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. However, they found the resort to be quite empty.

“It was not at all crowded; just perfect. There were supposed to be 12,000 people that weekend, but only 5,000 to 6,000 had actually shown up. There were no lines for the ski lift,” Ava Rezvani (12) said.

Although most students knew how to ski, many took this trip as an opportunity to learn how to snowboard. As the day progressed, the students separated into smaller groups of people with the same skill level.
Many seniors went on the trip because they knew it was during before second semester.

“Soon, we are going to have to split and go our separate ways to our colleges. I am glad I was able to do this and spend time with my fellow seniors and other people I know,” Roger Lee (12) said.

Most students agreed that a two-day trip with an overnight stop would have been better. They felt that the bus ride had taken over a majority of the trip. If students are interested, Ms. Enzensperger plans to organize a two-day trip next year.

“It seems like you spend over ten hours driving. [A two-day trip] would have been a little less tiring and more relaxing. I would like there to be an overnight trip next time,” Karan Kurbur (9) said.

By the end of the day, most students didn’t want to leave the fun, but they also felt tired. Overall, they found the trip to be a good experience and many hope to return next year.

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