Jawbone Review


Anokhi Saklecha

The UP band provides information about fitness, sleep, and diet patterns. Jawbone released the UP band last year and currently markets it at $129.99

Whether you are running, sleeping, or eating, the UP wristband by Jawbone will have you covered. The UP band is a fitness tracker and accessory that monitors physical activity, sleep patterns, and calorie intake.


5/5 stars

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the UP wristband is its slender design. The lightweight bracelet comes in eight different colors and has a faint zig-zag pattern over the top. Unlike other computerized pedometers, the UP band does not resemble a utilitarian gadget but rather an everyday accessory. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, it is also quite comfortable, with only one small button on its end. Completely free of pins, buckles, and clasps, the flexible band easily slides onto your arm without any pinching or scraping. Despite my sensitivity to the slightest irritation, I did not have a problem wearing it throughout the day and night.


4/5 stars

The Jawbone interface is extremely user-friendly. After inputting your age, weight, gender, and goals into the app, the program immediately begins tracking activity, sleep, and diet. The software does require the bracelet to be manually synched with the app at least twice a day, which can be inconvenient — a Bluetooth feature would greatly improve the accessibility of the system. However, the synchronization time takes no longer than a couple minutes.

Wireless sensors in the bracelet automatically track both fitness (number of steps) and sleep. Food intake, on the other hand, must be physically entered into the system by selecting consumed substances. This manual input can be cumbersome, but, at the same time, can spark a more vigilant awareness of diet. Visual bar graphs displaying the degree of success in meeting daily goals are revealed on the home page of the app. By swiping to the main menu, one can then view his or her lifeline trends, goals, and profile, each with a simple tap of a button.

The battery life is marketed to last for 10 days, and stays true to its word. Within two days, the battery was still at 80 percent, making the Jawbone program one of the longest lasting of its kind.

While it may take a few days to discover the many functions of the app, overall, the software is very easy to use, and can quickly become second nature to regular operators.


4/5 stars


One of the most unique features of the UP band is its tracking of sleep patterns. The program monitors when you fall asleep, when you are in deep sleep, when you are in light sleep, and when you wake up, and displays this data in a visual bar graph upon opening the app. The wristband can easily be switched to night mode with the simple press of a button, enabling it to track your sleep. Additionally, the band can be programmed to wake you up at the lightest point of your sleep cycle, a tactic that will leave you fresh and rejuvenated every morning.


The wristband’s ingrained pedometer constantly tracks the number of steps you have taken in any given day. The app also displays the number of calories burned, and the longest active and idle times in a day. One major fallback of the software is its inability to monitor activities other than walking or running. You have to manually input the duration and vigor of sports and other physical activities, which can become burdensome.

Personally, I thought it was interesting to see the number of steps I take in a day, and how I compare with the average person of my age and height. Wearing the band actually had a positive effect on me, as it encouraged me to become more active and take the stairs instead of the elevator, just so I could see a rise in the numbers.


4.5/5 stars

Although the manual input can be inconvenient, the Jawbone UP band is a very appealing, reliable, and practical system. When used to its fullest with all food intakes and athletic activities manually recorded, the software can truly revamp one’s life into a happier and healthier one.