Varsity boys’ basketball loses at NorCals


Srivinay Irrinki (11) dribbles the ball down the court during the first round of the NorCal tournament. The Eagles lost 60-42 against St. Patrick-St.Vincent.

The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team lost 60-42 in the first round of the division IV CIF State Basketball Northern California championships (NorCal) today against St. Patrick-St. Vincent.

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The team made school history, becoming the first boys’ sports team to advance to the CCS finals and the NorCal championships.

Junior Srivinay Irrinki, who scored six points and two rebounds, analyzed the night’s plays after the loss.

The Eagles fell behind the Bruins 18-10 at the end of the first quarter and trailed 33-26 to half time, despite briefly catching up 21-21 during the second quarter.

Upper School Athletic Director Dan Molin reflected upon the boys’ progression throughout the season.

The distinguished players in the game included Wei Buchsteiner (12), who accumulated 16 points and seven rebounds; Eric Holt (11), with eight rebounds, three assists, and two additional points; Will Deng (12), who scored 10 points and five rebounds; Srivinay Irrinki (11), with six points and two rebounds; and Huck Vaughan (12), totaling seven points.

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After the third quarter, the score read 54-39 in favor of the Bruins and finished with an Eagles’ loss of 60-42 in the final quarter. The team totaled 42 points, 30 rebounds, nine assists, and two steals.

Due to the game’s location in Vallejo, students who wished to support the players were invited to ride on the team bus. Sophomore Rohan Desikan was amongst the teams supporters.

The NorCal game marked the end of this year’s Varsity boys’ basketball season.