Hot and Cold: How to Dress for California’s Unpredictable Winter


Ashi Gautam

Helen Xie(10) wear layers of T-shirts and jackets on a sunny California day.

From rain to sunshine, the unpredictable California weather during this winter has made it difficult for some students to dress for a variety of temperatures throughout a day. With these tips, any student will be able to face this season’s volatile weather.

Layer up

For the utmost comfort this winter, wear layers of T-shirts and sweaters. Although the temperatures may not drop very low, it is helpful to wear a sweater along with a half-sleeve T-shirt. By wearing layers, students will be ready for the winter weather without having to carry bulky jackets.


As a way to keep cool in this weather,  try to wear short-sleeved shirts under sweaters and sweatshirts.

New Trends in Color

Wearing pastel and bright colors during the winter is not usually a trend. Since the weather this season is different from other years, colors ranging from maroon to light pink are popular colors since they are subtle shades.

Thin and Thick Leggings

Since the weather may make it seem as if it is spring at times, girls can begin to wear dresses earlier this year. On the other hand, dresses can feel uncomfortable since the temperature may unexpectedly drop. To use this summer clothing in the winter, wear leggings underneath the dresses and skirts. For colder days, students can wear thick leggings that come in a variety of colors such as beige and black.

Stick to boots

Even if it may be a warmer winter, stick to wearing boots and Uggs this season. In this weather, sandals are not a good footwear option since the high temperatures are not stable. With Uggs and boots, students can be comfortable and warm throughout the day.