Seniors win annual dodgeball tournament


Apoorva Rangan

Senior Samir Chaudhry leans back after landing a hit during today’s dodgeball game. The seniors defeated the juniors in two straight games, winning the tournament for the second year in a row.

The volume in the gym grew to a dull roar before the final game of the annual dodgeball tournament as the seniors and juniors prepared to battle for first place today.

After the sophomores beat the freshmen 2-1, the senior-junior match began with the Class of 2014’s entrance from the darkened stage. Last year’s reigning dodgeball champions, the senior class surveyed the juniors from their edge of the gym.

With a shout of the whistle, the forty players sprung forward from their positions, each step bringing them closer to the gatorskin balls down the center line of the court. Skidding to a halt, the senior class quickly scooped up as many projectiles as possible, causing the backtracking juniors to warily assume a defensive position.

Four minutes later, it was over. The seniors maintained their offensive lead and took first place, with the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen taking second, third, and fourth place respectively.

“We had all the spirit and enthusiasm that we needed to win,” said Sahithya Prakash (12). “We creamed the juniors.”

Leeza Kuo (11), the last junior player standing, faced over six players at the end of the game, calling the opposition “intimidating.”

“The last thing going through my head was ‘We’re gonna lose, we’re gonna lose,’” she said. “I thought I could do it, but time ran out. I don’t think we played as well as we could have.”

As in past years, some audience members and players found the regulation inconsistent, though six referees monitored this year’s game.

“Some people would get caught when they were hit and others wouldn’t,” said crowd member and Class of 2015 treasurer David Lin. “The seniors were watching the juniors, so maybe next time we could get the juniors to watch the seniors too.”

As the gym emptied after the tournament, though, most students were less concerned with rules and regulations than in their class’s new bonds.

“It’s a good bonding experience,” said Mehul Khetrapal (10). “We feel confident in ourselves.”

Activities Coordinator Kerry Enzensperger agreed.

“In the end, it’s not about winning,” Enzensperger said. “The whole point of the game is all just about having some fun and forgetting about stress.”

The seniors will face the faculty next Wednesday during long lunch in the gym.