Mission complete: Fashion Show brings community together


by Shannon Su

On February 22, the school’s 10th annual fashion show Mission: Possible took place in the San Jose Convention Center with two shows, one at 10:30 a.m. and one at 5:30 p.m.

This year, Tere’ Aceves decided to take on the role of the new fashion show director because she loves being around people and working with others.

“It takes a lot of dedication. It was my pleasure to collaborate with all the volunteers,” she said. “It was just intense; it wasn’t hard.”

Several participants found the theme Mission: Possible to be much different from previous years’ themes.

“This year’s is more edgy, a Mission Impossible kind of theme so it’s really mysterious and a different kind of theme for a fashion show,” said Renee Tam (12), who is a model in the show this year.

Many models and performers from Lower School to Upper School enjoyed walking and performing in the fashion show.

“[My favorite parts of walking down the runway are] everyone cheering for me, having fun, and being with my friends,” Shray Alag (4) said.

Also a model, math teacher Misael Fisico joined the fashion show again to be “a part of the community.”

“My father told me that if I volunteer you might as well be a part of it. You need to be involved,” he said. “Since I said yes, then I might as well try my very best to enjoy it.”

Prior to the fashion show, hosts and hostesses walked around the lobby greeting many of the audience members and answering any questions they had.

“I’ve just never done it before and I’ve gone to Harker for a long time and they offered us to be hostesses so I tried it,” Ishanya Anthapur (10) said.

Also during this time, orchestra members played in small groups in the lobby to provide musical entertainment for the guests before the show began.

“I thought it went pretty well,” Aaron Lee (11) said. “A lot of the people entering the lobby really liked the music because it was really welcoming.”

While audience members, instrumentalists, hosts, and hostesses were in the lobby, volunteers such as Falguni Saklecha, mother of Anokhi Saklecha (10) and Anjay Saklecha (6), helped out backstage as a hair and makeup coordinator.

“I wanted to be more involved,” she said. “It’s such a wonderful production that Harker puts on, and I thought that backstage would give me kind of a better access to all the kids and all the participants that are in it.”

With the parents who worked backstage, professional hair and makeup artists helped the models prepare for the show.

“Most of my events are usually with older people so it’s really fun to work with really tiny kids to adults so that’s kind of different for me,” makeup artist Byanka Batres said.

A majority of students came to the fashion show to support their friends who were participating as models or dancers.

“I’m excited to see Chau Nguyen (12),” Jazzy Gill (12) said. “The main reason I’m here is to support Chau.”

Although many participants enjoyed dancing or walking down the runway, some admitted that the experience was daunting and different from usual performances.

“There’s not as much room and it feels like you are almost going to fall off,” said Lianna Wang (7), who has been in the fashion show twice before this. “It feels like there are more people watching you and you get a little more nervous.”

There are no more big fundraising events planned for this year. The next one will take place at the annual Family Picnic at the Middle School.

Contributing to this article: Priscilla Pan