JV and Varsity Dance Troupe Auditions held


On Wednesday May 16, dance teacher Karl Kuehn, held auditions for Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity Dance Troupe in the dance room.

Currently, there are eight dancers in JV and nine dancers in the Varsity Dance Troupe.

“[The number of dancers accepted] varies year by year. It depends on what we’re looking for that year and how many dancers audition and we don’t really have a set number each year. It fluctuates,” Kuehn said.

In the audition, dancers were expected to learn a combination and later perform it in small groups.

Students from the eighth grade to 11th grade were eligible to audition.

Molly Wolfe (11), who is currently in Varsity Dance Troupe, is looking forward to the new additions to the team next year.

“I’m excited to see what the new eighth graders have to bring, and I’m excited for next year’s Varsity [team] especially for the incoming sophomores, cause they always bring a lot of energy to the team,” she said.

Additionally, students who are new to the JV and Varsity dance programs tried out as well.

“I’m kind of nervous, but I feel that it’ll be fine once we start learning the combination and it’ll be a good experience for me,” said Noel Banerjee (9).

Results from Junior Varsity and Varsity Dance Troupe audition will be emailed to student accounts on Friday.