4 ways to sleep better


Maya Jeyendran

After a tiring school day, a comfortable bed beckons students. Make sure to wash sheets and pillows regularly to ensure proper sleep hygiene.

Because stress and high workloads pervade the student body, it is important to sleep wellevery single night. To sleep well and prepare for a hectic school day, use these simple tips to ensure a refreshing night of sleep.

Put Electronics Away

It is no secret that electronics provide a large distraction for students attempting to sleep. Five minutes on the computer before sleeping quickly turns into an hour of wasted time. The best way to avoid the temptation of using a cell phone or laptop right before going to sleep is to place it well out of reach from the bed, such as on a desk. Tiredness will deter students from getting up from their bed to use their electronics.

Drink Something Soothing

Natural herbs found in many teas can also assist students assist in falling asleep faster. Ingredients such as chamomile and lavender are commonly found in soothing teas. Make sure that the tea does not contain any caffeine. To yield best results, heat water in a microwave for about 45 seconds on a high setting and allow the tea bag to steep for at least three minutes.

Exercise During the Day

Many studies have shown that exercise can be linked to better sleep habits. Even a twenty minute bike ride or run will contribute to a more effective night of sleep. In addition to aiding in sleep, regular exercise is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to avoid exercising directly before sleeping because exercise stimulates the body for a short period after.

Stop Worrying

Worries, stress, and anxiety are enemies of rest and sleep. Worrying about troublesome situations will do nothing to alter their outcomes. Instead, try writing down sources of stress and corresponding ways to reduce anxiety before turning in. By doing so, students will be able to put an end to their troubles and can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.