Freedom should go hand-in-hand with safety. Should we have to choose?

March 29, 2023

As a voter or future voter, taking action is still possible. For starters, one can look into candidates’ NRA funding and stances on gun policies. If they don’t align with policies that are stepping towards gun safety, consider voting for someone else. Supporting youth movements such as March for Our Lives, which advocates to end gun violence, and participating in their events is another way to physically connect members of a community over the issue of gun violence. 

The NRA’s ads and messages are a type of fear-mongering, as they send the message that attack is imminent for American individuals, and by not owning a gun, they are in danger. This is untrue. The ownership of more guns does not equate to safety. It means the opposite, as oftentimes, guns fall into wrong hands, resulting in more tragedy. America doesn’t need guns to protect itself, and as far-reaching as it may sound, we need to look past what the media tells us about guns, whether right or wrong, and take the steps to build trust in society as a whole and become more aware of the truth of owning more guns.

Media is one of the NRA’s greatest assets, and if we can also use those same platforms to give a voice to the victims’ stories and share the impact that the expansive freedom that the Second Amendment offers has on the lives of innocent citizens, we can be guided towards our next mission.

Some believe that without the Second Amendment, the people will be left defenseless. I believe that we are truly defenseless when there is little awareness surrounding the heavily moneyed interests that favor the Second Amendment and devastate people’s lives. Raising awareness is extremely important, and in a country where our money may skew our political system, truth matters. 

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