What kind of government has the United States established?

March 29, 2023

The NRA’s political spending establishes a vast power imbalance in the politics of America, one that corrupts the integrity of our country’s politics and paints a picture of oppression based on our Second Amendment. While our democracy and politics are traditionally defined to be the interaction between the American people and their elected representatives, there is now a third interfering party, one with money and the initiative to lobby for widely disagreed-with policies.

The NRA’s own members oppose some of the extreme policies that the organization pushes, as approximately three in four NRA members support universal background checks, while the organization is a staunch opponent of the policy. The political influence that the NRA wields is no match for the average American voter. Political figures enable the NRA, with its influence in the Republican party, to insert its deeply political and harmful agenda that rejects any form of gun control in Congress and in turn, America. Congress rarely passes gun legislation that pertains to gun safety and prevention, and the lack of action can be attributed to money Congress siphons off of the NRA, and the interfering campaigns that the NRA partakes in.

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